Visiting Hours

For wards:

  • Morning: 10 am – 11.30 am
  • Evening: 5 pm – 7 pm

For ICU:

  • Morning: 10 am – 11 am
  • Evening: 5 pm – 6 pm


  • Visiting Hours on Sundays and other Specific Holidays is granted for specific timing.
  • The attendant has to vacate the room whenever the patient is shifted to any critical care area or for surgery / procedure.
  • Children (as visitors) under the age of 12 years are not allowed on patient floors. This is to protect children, who are more vulnerable to infection than adults.
  • Encourage your visitors to adhere to visitor’s timings. Do not press for extra passes for your patient’s benefit and help us to control infection.
  • Please co-operate while screening baggage by the security guards inside the Hospital for security reasons. Our Hospital is under CCTV surveillance for your security.
  • Only one attendant per patient is allowed in the Hospital for night stay.